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Criteria Pricing A Home

When you put your home up for sale, one of the best ways to determine the asking price is to look at comparable sales. There’s rarely a perfect apples-to-apples comparison, so a pricing

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Smart Windows Are Here- What You Need To Know

 May 20, 2019 John NashEverything’s getting smarter these days. Everything. Not only are smart appliances, smart outlets, smart light bulbs and smart TVs gaining traction, smart

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Tips For Running a Sucessful Garage Sale

 May 23, 2019 John NashAwww, springtime. It’s a great time to go through the closets and find anything you’re not using. But what do you do with all that junk that’s no

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Popcorn Ceilings: What They Are, How To Get Rid of Them & Are They A Health Hazzard

 May 9, 2019 John NashPopcorn is great for lots of stuff. You can enjoy a big bucket with family and friends while at the movies, string it on a thread to give Christmas that old-fashioned

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